Nec Nd-1300a - Nd-1300b

What’s the diference between them ? Is it a good move to buy one of these drives or they are not so good and I will loose my money ? Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Please inform me if it lost of money if I buy the NEC ND-1300A or B :bow: ! ! ! I Hellas ( greece ) it cost 280 euro ! :Z

I’ve never heard of any ND-1300B. Where have you seen this and are you sure that the “B” wasn’t a typo?

please don’t start threads asking questions of the kind “is it worth it?”. there are long threads concerning most dvd writers explaining more or less their advantages and disadvantages. in these threads there are links that can lead you to reviews of the drives made by well qualified people.
You made it posting in the forum, so I’m sure you have the experience to make a search in the forum to find the necessary info.
As for your question, you have to specify what you need the drive for. DVD writers at this moment cannot fully replace neither a CDRW, nor IMO a good DVD-ROM. The ND-1300a (I’ve never heard of 1300b) will allow you to burn in both formats and even make some sort of copies of your DVD movies. It wouldn’t copy the latest data/audio protections though. I would say it is (almost) as good as any other DVD dual writer, only at a much better price

Try here for more info

I hope I helped you a bit. 280euros e? Where is that from, PLAISIO? I think I’m missing Greece too much :cool:

Na 'sai kala

I haven’t heard of it either.

Euharisto Nasos :slight_smile: ! And yes PLAISIO anounced that from this week coming there will be no more ND-1300A but ND-1300B :rolleyes: ! They did not know the difference between them ! Same to other shops here ! The price is for bulk driver of course ! As for DRU-500AX they have it for 420 euro ( retail ) ! Thank you !

Simple the
NEC-1300A is the english model name for the NEC 1300 A is Atapi.

Since a lot more and more people want a Black CD-writer NEC later planned the Black version which is the
NEC-1300B if I was informed correct.
So in this case the B stands for Black

As they told me the ND-1330B has newest firmware !

ND-1300B not ND-1330B sorry !
As they told me the ND-1300B has newest firmware !