NEC ND 1300a Dramas...Need Help!

Hey all, I have had my ND 1300a for about 2 years and it has been a great little burner. I have tried most blank dvd media in it and it has neber skipped a beat. But as of yesterday i went to burn a game onto a disc and Alcohol 120% was saying that the disc was an incompatable format. I am using Princo at the moment ( i know that they are cheap and nasty but i have used them for ages with no problems, like the day befor i burnt a game onto a princo and today i went to burn the same game and i was getting the error ).

So i tried to burn a movie using both clone dvd and nero but to no avail. I cant think of any major changes in my system that could cause this to happen.

The only thing that comes to mind was yesterday when i went into my bios and checked my processor temp…it has been hot here.

I have also updated my firmware and cleaned the lense just to make sure it was not a simple problem.

PLEASE HELP…I am having burning withdrawls :sad:

Hey it is all good now i fixed it myself… :clap:

It was a combination of really crapola discs and i must have fudged some thing in the bios yesterday when i was fiddling around.

This is a warning to those that want to have easy burning experiences…DONT USE SHITTY ASS PRINCO DISCS!!!

Any how see ya

Glad that you solved your problem.

I was just about to blame the discs :bigsmile: - but it looks like the error was related to a BIOS setting? You can’t tell which one? Would be interesting.

I think when i was looking around in the bios i have some how changed my burner from master to slave and in doing so i think that the computer thight i had to slave drives ( i also have a generic run of the mill dvd reader that i use for playing disc and ripping stuff…the NEC ND 1300a is souly for burning.)

But i did a speed test on 1 of the princo discs and as the test was winding up it froze up the testing program and then froze my desktop.

I think that it might be time to use better media and maybe invest in a new burner as the one i have now is about 2 1/2 years old and i have givin it a hiding.

The old dvd collection is almost @ 700 dvd and about 200 PS2 games
I am an addict i know :eek:.

Oh and by the way anyone who wants or need info on any games wether it be PS2 or PC holla @ me cos i am a gaming freak