NEC ND-1300A and HDD LED

I’m running an NEC ND-1300A connected to the IDE channel on my Intel 875 PBZ motherboard. The HDD access LED turns on whenever the access LED in the burner turns on. Intel tech support told me this is a function of the drive firmware. I’m running the latest (1.08) firmware and the latest 875 BIOS (P14). Anyone else with this drive seeing the same behavior?

I don’t have that particular combination, but the behavior you are observing is normal. The “HDD access LED” really is an “IDE access LED”. When the drive access light is on, it is accessing the IDE bus, so the HDD light goes on. I used to see the same behavior until I moved my HDD and my HDD LED onto a PCI ATA133 controller (the burners are still connected to the mobo).

I just found it odd since my DVD-ROM and CD-RW are also connected to the motherboard IDE and neither of these devices trigger the HDD access LED.

Interesting. Is your ND-1300A the slave on the Primary Channel?

The NEC ND-1300A is the slave on the primary channel. I have a HD as the primary.

I did try connecting the NEC as Master with no slave device and observed the same behavior.

OK, It sounds like your HDD light only flashes when devices on the primary channel access the IDE bus. If you want to see if this is true, try connecting the ND-1300A to the Secondary bus, and connect one of your other drives to the primary channel. If I’m right, whichever drive is on the primary channel will make the HDD light flash.

I finally got around to testing CDRecorder’s idea. Didn’t seem to fix my problem. I hooked the NEC up to the secondary channel and it still caused the HD access LED to fire. I plugged my other two optical drives into the primary channel and they didn’t fire the light.

Then I hooked up a Promise Ultra 133 TX2 and put the NEC on that. Guess what, it lit the access light.

I’m guessing that the NEC is somehow identifying itself as a HDD device to the BIOS. Odd.

If I’m right, the IDE led is trigged by putting a signal on one of the 40 veigns of the IDE cable. If so, it may be that some drives connect to that veign, while others don’t. I’m not really sure about this, but I know that it’s normal for a optical drive to trigger the IDE led…

it’s not just a “HD access LED,” it’s an IDE access LED. any traffic on the IDE controllers should cause the light to flash.

I can see the point about it being an IDE access light. However… This is the first optical drive I’ve seen trigger the LED. I have a Toshiba DVD-ROM and a Plextor CD-RW, those have their own LEDs and don’t trigger the system LED. Over the years I’ve never seen any optical drive trigger the system LED, in fact I had one CD-ROM with no light and I wished it would trigger the system light! The NEC has a built in LED so it doesn’t make sense for it to trigger the system LED.

Is there anyone out there with this drive that is seeing the same behavior? Or maybe the same behavior with a different drive?

I’ve seen this behavior on my computers before; however, I can’t remember which drive model it was that showed this behavior.