Nec ND-1100A writes only DVD+r at 2.4x instead of 4x?



why does my nec 1100a burn dvd+r at 2.4x instead of 4x at nec promise?
i use dvd+r disc:s that supports 4x
does anyone know if there is something that i must do with the burner to enable 4x writing?


What’s the brand of your media? Did you buy the 1-4x variety? 'Cause those don’t guarantee 4x burn. You’ll need some pretty damn good media to burn at 4x on the ND 1100A as it’s pretty picky about media.


im using 3t pro dvd+r


What’s the manufacturer ID of the media (check with DVDInfo)?
What software are you using and are you using the latest version(s)?
Is it not possible to select 4x speed in the software or can you select it but when you start to burn you only get 2.4x speed?
Do you have DMA enabled, and how is the drive mounted (master, slave, single drive or with another drive on the same cable)?