NEC ND-1100A won't recognize blank dvd media

I’ve got an NEC ND-1100A that will recognize burned DVD’s, and cd’s, blank cd’s but not blank DVDs. In the past I’ve had troubles with it recognizing colored cds. MY media is Verbatim DVD-r 4.7GB 120min 16X Certified.

What can I do, I’ve got data backups that I need to do and am tired of killing off 20 cds to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

The ND-1100 is to old to recognize the newer 16x media. You should upgrade to a newer drive as they are really cheap now.

I don’t know if the ND-1100A will recognize 16X DVD media or not, I know mine was successfully burning 8X DVD+R’s before I retired it a couple of months ago.

You state though that you are using dash R DVD media, the ND-1100A only burns plus R DVD media.

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I think you’ve got the answers now.

16x media is not really compatible with the ND1100 as the firmware is too old to recognise it and -R media of any speed is a no-no.

Of course you can always cross-flash this to an ND-1300 to get DVD-R capabilities. You’ll probably need to use the Drive Converter to “convert” it’s ID to an ND-1300 and then flash the latest ND-1300 firmware which is the 1.0C.

If your media is still not supported, then you should search on how to use Media Code Speed Edit (MCSE) and DVD Identifier to customize the firmware by swapping Media ID (MID)'s and then reflashing the drive.