NEC ND-1100A Question... insight please?

OK, well I purchased a dell dimension 4550 a year or so ago… It came with an NEC ND-1100A dvd/rw burner. After recently purchasing some dvd+r’s that stated on the package that I might need to update my firmware to use them I decided to look further into this…

I found out that I should’ve gone to Dell’s website and looked for an update there… However, Dell’s firmware upgrade was over 2 years old… I checked out NEC’s site and found version 1.93 which was released on nec’s support site much more recently… October of last year
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I decided to use the more recent firmware version and used binflash to force the firmware upgrade.

Now, my question is… Should I expect to see any problems because I used a stock firmware version instead of an outdated OEM firmware version or can I safely assume that the upgrade was completed succesfully with no bad side effects? I tested burning a cd, as well as ripping and burning one of my backed up dvds. Both the cd and dvd successfully burned and the dvd played fine in my standalone dvd player. Should I expect to see coasters or errors eventually or have a lot of people done this before and had no problems?

EDIT: By the way my burning program is Nero

Stock will work fine :slight_smile: Etna’s 1.0C Bitsetting (1300A firmware patched to work on 1100A might even work better, since I implemented quite some extra +R media support in that version :)).

i couldn’t get my dell 1100a to accept that firmware.

mine works with etna’s dell-specific firmware ‘1ege servo 7’ v1.32 at

well I had used binflash to force the update… I read in the NEC faq stickied here that even if the official flasher wouldnt recognize the drive etc. that I could load the .exe with binflash and still flash the drive.

maybe i’ll try that then, just noticed that there is a linux version!

Got it working now:

Will this work on my drive too? I have a hp 300n/nd-1100a and its not reading any of my r/w medias I put in.