NEC ND-1100A Partial playback



I know this drive is near the end of its life, but I’d like to use it till the end.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to burn movie clips onto DVD for some time now, but they always burn incomplete. I’ve tried different burner software, different file types (Avi, divx, xvid, wma, mov, and mpeg) all with same result. Clips may play for 1 sec. 45 mins. or 1 hr., but never complete. I’ve also noticed that I cant view video files from the disk in my DVD drive.


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The main problem with an 1100a these days is finding media that it’s firmware will support and I guess the problems you’re experiencing are due to very bad burns because the burner just doesn’t know how best to burn the disks.

You could perhaps try cross flashing it to the 1300a and get better coverage of media. Have a look here and consider the 1.0C firmware. There’s a guide to doing the flashing as well.


Clean the drive or just buy a new one.


A moderator who is telling somebody to cross flash? Dee always warns people that the owners/moderators of this forum don’t support that kind of flashing and don’t want antbody helping others with that proces :cop:

Or is this only the case when cross flashing using bootcodes :confused:


I think you already know this only applies to 355x series drives and later models and you already know the reasons why, perfectly well.