Nec ND-1100A. Noisily tray?


Excuse my bad english.

Today, I’ve received my Nec ND-1100a.

While I open/close the tray, It sounds like a “clik-clik-clik” .
It’s like a “mechanical” sound.
It’s normal?

When I open/close the tray of my LiteOn DVD-ROM LTD-163D player and my CD-RW recorder LTR-40125W sound like a little motor sound but no “mechanical” sounds. (more light than Nec)

Any comments will be welcome.

Thanks and regards.

Though I have used NEC ND-1100A for a few months and I’ve read your post, I don’t understant what you meant by the “clik-clik-clik” sound. LG CD/DVD reader/writer drives are usually very silent. NEC drives are not that silent.

Hi! Kenshin,

Thanks for your reply.

I want to said that NEC is very noisy when open/close the tray. I don’t say about read/write operation, only when open/close the tray.
LiteOn drives sound like a light motor continuous noise when open/close but NEC is different.

Rebel1 said me:
"… If you hear an uncommon noise, that is completely normal. According to NEC that is the additional dust shield?! "

When you’ve said “NEC drives are not that silent” … you’ve referred about open/close the tray?


I have the same NEC drive and it is quite noisy when opening and closing, thats all.

Nothing to worry about.

Thanks Rocky,

Many people says as you that the tray is noisy.

So, I’m happy because my drive work correctly.