NEC ND-1100A any good?

hey there

here in holland, actually a NEC ND-1100A costs 199 euro , a bulk version

its a 4x dvd+r writer with good specifications

and finally a burner with a good price

but since i cant find any good tests of the drive i dont know if its as good as the specifications said…

can somebody tell me if its any good?
prolly some users experience

im about to buy one, and since this one got good specifications and doesnt costs that much…

let me know it!



I have made some tests with the ND-1100 in this thread which might help you.

heheh thanks m8!

do you know probably whats the different in bulk and retail?

i presume you got retail, what was in it which is interesting…

and what about the quality you burned did you checked the burned disks with cd tool or dvd tool?

Bulk = No cache 199 EURO
Retail = 2 MB cache 289 EURO

lol, that should be very strange then, the different between bulk and retail aint into the hardware, but mostly into the manuals, cables etc…

that cant be true

I actually bought the bulk version but got a free software CD with Nero, Incd, Sonic Cineplayer, Mydvd and Arcsoft Showbiz included by mistake :slight_smile:
I guess this is the software NEC ships with the retail version plus a nice box and perhaps some blank DVD’s and a cable. The DVD writers are of course the same in the bulk and retail version (and both have 2 MB buffer size).

ah thanks for the info m8!

Originally posted by danjie
Bulk = No cache 199 EURO
Retail = 2 MB cache 289 EURO

That´s not right. Bulk and Retail have 2MB cache!!!

yes we know already, the retail and bulk version arent different, if it comes up to hardware…

Hiya peeps, i just bought this dvd-burner and trying to get some info on the drive… reading some good and bad stuff though.
Anways, i can’t seem to find any info on this drive at the NEC site?!?! Or am i just plain stupid?
I bought the bulk version (only drive and nero CD). I want to download the manual and the new firmware version. Where can i get them? Tried google / seach here… but no results :frowning:

You’ll find info about the drive at for example NEC Germany, NEC UK and NEC Sweden:
Recommended media
There is no firmware update available to the ND-1100A yet.

found the manual already :slight_smile:

thx anyways jsl