Nec Nd-1100a @ 1300a

Hi, i have a nec 1100a (european retail version, firmware 1.A0, it can record only DVD+R/RW at 4x, but not DVD-R). If i install the firmware of 1300A, my drive will be able to record also DVD-R? Someone has tried it?

I haven’t tried this (as I don’t have any of these drives), but it seems to me that this is a no-go situation. The laserunits of the drives must be quite different, as the 1300A is a multiformat (+ and -) writer, the 1100A is only +.

According to the reviews I read, both drives perform quite different. Ofcourse, many issues can be handled at firmware level, but it would really be strange…

Hehe, major kick :wink:

What do you all think ?
Who has a firmware of the ND1300 ?