NEC ND-1100 flashable to ND-1300?

I read somewhere that the NEC ND-1100 is flashable to the ND1300. Is this true?

Reason I ask is because I can get the 1100 about 65 Euros cheaper than the ND1300, and about 50 Euros cheaper than the Pioneer 106.

Which drive should I choose?

Link. I’d go for the ND-1300A

Originally posted by dhc014
Link. I’d go for the ND-1300A

Hi im stuck with the NEC 1100. I got my computer a month ago (a buy/rental, without any possibility to choose the NEC 1300)
Is there any possibility to change the firmware and make it -R compatible? I really need it to make it work with my xbox… :confused:

No, there is not. Maybe try one of the firmwares that supports bitsetting, though.