NEC ND-1000A problem!

i downloaded this hacked firmware from but i cant figure out how to install it at ALL…ive tried everything and nothing works…it apparently has to be done in true MS-DOS…and ive tried making a boot floppy…literally NOTHING is working…will someone please help me

It is all explained en detail on herries page. Please just follow his guide.
REAL DOS is a must.

i dont see any guide on his site at all.

yes, but it does not explain how to actually install the firmware.

Man, are you too lazy to click on the links there to READ?? :rolleyes:

Have you even downloaded and extracted the package? I doubt it.

[U]If you want to achieve something, using SEARCH should always be your first step.[/U]

u are extremely ignorant. do not call me lazy, because i researched and tried to do this for 3 days, staying up untill 3 am. it told me i had to install using MS-DOS…and when i finally DID install it…it WASNT through MS-DOS. that link does not tell you what to do, and when u look at the little text file it says the incorrect files that come in the download.

If you use the TDB poackages it has to be done in REAL DOS.

I’m ignorant? lol

I don’t wanna feeds trolls that are too lazy to search…

Well then i guess im imagining that i installed the firmware, right? i installed it, and i didnt use DOS at ALL. so the answer is: Yes, u are ignorant. dont act like u know wat ur talking about, and then insult me, especially when u DONT know wat ur talking about.