Nec modified firmware - extremly impressed

I just want to give a big :clap: to all those who put their time & effort into this (you know who you are - will not list as I do not want to leave anyone out) :bow:

I found this link on here and flashed my drive with probably every firmware on there just for the fun of it - being a novice I didn’t experience any problems what so ever :slight_smile:

last firmware used was NEC 2.F9 for no particular reason :confused:

my drive is now a totally different animal :cool: :

  1. burns DVD+R DL disks which play on my 6 year old standalone dvd player (this was not possible before as this drive was sold as a SL drive)

  2. is RPC1 (was locked to region 1 before, now region free)

  3. rip lock removed (was painfully slow at ripping before not anymore)

  4. bitsetting on DVD+R DVD+R9 DVD+RW (Didn’t notice any difference with this - I believe it is supposed to make burned disks show up as DVD-ROM making them more compatible)

I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more (except maybe to be able to make those nice scans/graphs with my drive but that would be just greedy :bigsmile: - this probably is a hardware limitation of the unit)

thanks again :smiley: from all of us that cannot afford to upgrade every few…years :stuck_out_tongue:

i hope that I have better luck… I can’t read dvd+r burnt by my LiteON SOHW-1693S

Codeguys make very good firmware for LiteOn drives. Check out the LiteOn forum, but be warned that using it will void your warranty. I personally use KC4B for my 1693S.

Bitsetting on +RW should be avoided - unless you know what you are doing. :frowning:

But one thing is for sure: Without all those great patchers NEC wouldn’t have become a such good selling ODD ‘machinery’.