NEC Model#-5100A::Lost software drive?

I have a NEC-5100A in my laptop.I went to do a clean install of xp pro and found out that my DVDR\RW:CD-R\RW did not work any more.It wont read anything.I did the following;Used rollback,uninstall-reinstall in device mgr.,took the drive out to clean it out,and went to F2 to reboot from CD mode.This is a Dell Inspirion5150.I have used thier tech support and they said my drive was dead!I have a hard time accepting that.It spins up with a disk in it,just does not show up.My son got a hold of the system and did something to it and cant remember what he did.He just told me this.Is there a way to run my xp pro disk with a run command?Or reinstall xp some other way other than a floppy[dont have one],or the CD drive on it?