NEC laptop writer



I have many problems with the Sony DW-56A that came with my Dell Inspirion D610. I asked Dell to replace it with a NEC. The CSR there did not know if it’s a 6500A or 6650A. I will only know when I receive it.

I read from that the 6500A cannot write to DVD-R DL and DVD-RAM. Although I do not care much of DVD-RAM, I would like to write to DVD-R DL.

In case I get the 6500, is there anything I can do to improve this?


I received a NEC-6650A earlier today and I did not have any choice to do a burn yet.

From Nero, I can see that the firmware version is 102c. Is there anything I can do in term of firmware upgrade ?


Before flashing a different firmware (make sure to only use 1.** firmwares!) you should dump your old firmware and send it to me :wink:

The NEC 6650 1.23 Bitsetting Firmware should work, but I don’t know if it is newer or older than your current firmware.


No problem but please let me know how to dump my old firmware. Which email address should I send it?



Liggy, sorry, which firmware I should use for my Dell 6500a unit? I need bitsettings (especially), rip lock and eventually also RPC2. Thankx.

PS: there are toooo many firmwares around I can’t really understand which one is ok for my unit.