NEC Label Flash DVD burner

Hello to all.

I have a NEC DVD burner which can burn LABELFLASH design on DVD disks.

My question is,

can I use it on DVD9 (double layer) disks?
My guess is that there should be a “LabelFlash Compliant” version of DVD9 disks out there, does anyone have a suggestion?

Many thanx in advance for the help.



As far as I know, the only Labelflash discs available at the moment are Fuji labeled RITEK F1 DVD-R discs. At least I have not heard of any other LF media.

It might however be possible to use Labelflash on the data side of the disc if there’s still enough room, but I’m not sure if anyone already tried that.


I tried on a Fuji DVD u mentioned…That is a single layer DVD…Eveything ok there.

Then I tried a DVD9 (double layer) and tried to LabelFlash it, to no avail.
It prompt it me with an error.
And of course the disk was empty.
I don’t recall the disk brand though…

So, really my question is what’s the mistake I make, if any.



LF is not for DL (yet).

Sorry, bad use of language.

I tried the Label Flash technology on the data side of a DVD…and it works- for a 4.7GB DVD

Still, it prompts with an error when I use a 9 GB disk instead.
Any suggestions?


Oh, sad to hear.

Well, many thanx for your help!
Really appreciated.

…I guess nobody knows of a “workaround” on this issue…?..You know, a “devil’s trick” that official product support would never recommend on doing?



Ah, so you mean DiscT@2 on the mediaside of an DL…

Never tried that yet, but the software will probably recognize the DL and deny working with it…