NEC is SONY on Power Mac

— Start of identification —
_NEC - DVD_RW ND-4570A
— End of identification —

Power Mac with OS X 10.4.8
$ ./necflash -version
Binflash - NEC version - © by Herrie and Liggy
Visit -

Binflash version v1.35
Drive interface v1.34
NEC interface v1.35
NEC internal v1.35

This is the optical drive shipped with new Intel Power Macs. Sony seem to have repackaged the burner, MINUS some of its capabilities (ones that aren’t supported by to OS’s native burning software – DVD-RAM for instance). Apparently necflash will restore these capabilities, but then you’ll need Toast (or other 3rd party software) to burn stuff. I haven’t tried the flash yet – I’ll keep you posted.

No surprise because they both have joined into OPTIARC.

Since it’s a 4570 OEM drive, Binflash should already support dumping the firmware. It would be nice if you upload this firmware to me. Thanks!

It’s done. I called it “oldfirm.bin”

Got it. Will check everything tomorrow.