NEC HD-DVD multi-reader drive for 500 Euros in October

I just posted the article NEC HD-DVD multi-reader drive for 500 Euros in October.

Liggy used our news submit to tell us about some more news from Heise today. This time it’s about a PC HD-DVD drive reader from NEC.NEC
wants to sell their first HD-DVD drive for PCs - the…

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NEC’s official press release

no VGA output? that’s crazy

Hopefully when Blu-ray comes out, they will at least allow VGA out. It would be a good competitive advantage if they could say “Why pay for a competing high definition optical drive that forces you to fork out a new expensive compatible display, when you can get Blu-ray that works with your existing VGA display!” :stuck_out_tongue:

No thanks, NEC. I propose we all “just say no” to this overpriced DRM crap.

It is very unlikely that Blue-ray will work with VGA out. But I am surprised, this the drive works at all with current OS, and that the playback software does not require a “secure” system like Longhorn (Windows Vista).

for the 1 gazillionth time if you think it’s overpriced then it’s not marketed for you. All products like this are overpriced when they first come out. They wont be econemy driven for another 2 years so get used to such high prices for a reader. Think if 500 bucks is for a reader how much will a writer cost.

We were told at CES that we would see a Blu-ray tri mode writer for the PC at a 450 dollar price point this fall. I’m hoping this is still the case! Fall is getting close.

The official press release states

This is all down to the optical head that was developed by NEC which can read blue, red and ultra-violet light
Does anyone know where ultra-violet light is used for?
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It makes perfect sense that they are releasing these drives with compatibility for the current OS. If not, they would have to wait till the middle of next year and would be alienating millions of customers who run XP and are not interested in upgrading in the near future. If either of these formats failed to support XP it would ultimatley become their downfall. What?! No writing capabilities with the NEC? What a joke. If Blue-Ray can manage to release a writer first they will definitely get a leg up in the PC industry (especially if it is $450). $617 dollars for the NEC is outrageous, especially for just a player. I wonder what the OEM prices of these and the blue-ray drives will be?

500.- € ? LMAO…

500euro…they gotta be kidding. ps3 with bd-rom drive will be less than that…at least i think they will be

come on people, it’s for the enthusiast market, ofc they will be overprised, just check the prices of the latest cpu, video cards, or whatever else! latest models are allways PRICEY!

I think this is a missinformation. Infrared should be the correct term. 405nm = blue (HD-DVD) 650nm = red (DVD) 780nm = infra-red (CD) ultra violett is below 400nm.

For many years, NEC and Pioneer cooperated between them (Pioneer DVDRW drives had a NEC chipset). I guess that now the cooperation is over, and the two companies are seperating their ways: The 1st PC HD-DVD drive would be by NEC. The 1st PC Blu-Ray drive would be by Pioneer. In my opinion - it’s a little bit ironic…

500 euros for a bare PC drive? This makes the STANDALONE Blu-Ray in PS3 (- for 400$), or maybe the HD-DVD in XBOX360 (- for 300$, if eventually there would be one in it) look VERY attractive (even if you don’t want to play on it at all)!!!

ps3 is looking like a 600 dollar box and xbox 360 wont have a hd-drive for a year i bet. I believe Sony will be smart and take a deep cost cut on this drive so they can get it out to the public in order to have a number of customers who will buy blu ray disc’s and future blu ray products. It’s risky but i think that’s the only way Blu ray will win this war.

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Even if the hardware is available for production at that pricepoint for this fall, I don’t believe we will see it. The battle over DRM “standards” will likely delay these products even further…