NEC gives opinion on the future of next-gen DVD

I just posted the article NEC gives opinion on the future of next-gen DVD.

Over at PC Pro they tell us that dual layer drives are already available and soon 16X burners will hit the market. When that happens, in their opinion, we will more or less be at the…

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As long as there are no 16x DVD+/-R/-RAM, 16x DVD+/-RW, 8x DVD+/-R DL drives, the engineers got some work to do!
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well said namo :d

I’m wondering… how are Nec and Toshiba 15GB per layer planning to win a fight against Hitachi, LG, Matsushita, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and Thomson 27GB per layer… and producing Blue-Ray discs is not much more expensive than HD-DVD. This will not be a fight, this will be a MASSACRE! :B
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How is Blu-Ray & HD-DVD gonna appeal to “Joe Public”? The man who earns an average wage and buys an average price widescreen TV and DVD player to watch his films once, maybe twice a week? This is the man who has just embraced DVD over his VHS, and next year is gonna have another format shoved down his throat.

Defenitly what ever the next gen is it HAS to be backwards compatible with the DVDs of today otherwise not a whole lot of people are going to bite it. Technology is changing too fast that no one is going to want to dump their hard earned money into it, especially in this economy.

I’d say the transition to HD-TV and High Definition formats could be a very long and subtle one myself. Whichever formats win, and personally I don’t care which one does, I certainly won’t be putting a penny into either for at least 5 years. I’ve not long had a 42" plasma screen, and am quite happy with the quality delivered by DVD, although it’s considerably under the resolution the screen is capable of. So for me, and I suspect many others, we’ll probably only upgrade to the relevant kit when what we’ve got goes wrong. Let’s face it (and as far as I’m aware) there’s no where selling HD-TV TVs in the UK (Europe?), no HD-TV services (although Sky will be delivering them IF you pay extra I believe, and I think there’s one channel out of Holland?). Therefore this could be a situation just like Dual Layer DVD recording, plenty of drives about but no media…and without HD-TV you get no HD picture from HD-DVD or Bluray…I read somewhere a number of Americans are falling foul of this one, although in their case they’ve got the TV, but no HD source plugged into it. I can just hear them bragging now, with this really expensive TV, that has a picture no better than average Joes screen. It all makes you wonder what the hell the cabbage heads who run this industry are doing doesn’t it…? Have we all forgotten about this :g

i agree with above poster about being backwards compatible… there is no way that shit will catch on unless thats so…:slight_smile:

Wyllie’s comments are funny to me. NEC & Co don’t plan any recorders with their HD-DVD format, while two blu-ray recorders are on sale (or soon will be, with Matsushita bringing theirs out to join Sony) in Japan. Sure you have to sell your soul to get one, but they are there. Nobody is touching Blu-ray, he sez. Then where are your HD-DVD drives, NEC? Sounds like he’s comparing play-only formats to me and speaking on the side of studios interested in churning out cheap discs to me, which is only one side of the equation. HD-DVD has no recorders, and no plans being drawn up to be used as a PC-backup device or any of those things, to my knowledge. DVD already is and Blu-ray does (and Sony already has their “professional disc for data” based on eerily similar tech for the enterprise market (except without the backward compatibility to read/write CDs and DVDs - no doubt a useless feature for this type of device for the enterprise market). A play-only HD-DVD format with small improvements not be enough to entice the public to upgrade, unless the capability comes almost ‘free’, and the difference on Joe User’s devices is noticeable (which it certainly isn’t), AND the economics of producing discs makes too much sense for replicators (cheap!). Only then can I see movies using the new format pretty much unavoidable. Otherwise, it will be a niche for videophiles. With Sony and others owning a huge chunk of Hollywood and offering recording blu-ray devices (albeit at a price and with limited availability right now), what chance to HD-DVD discs have for a well-rounded multi-purpose future format, with the public gobbling up all the extra gigabytes they can get? Should we be even considering their play-only plans? Just what type of demand is there for HD right now anyway? Close to zero, I bet. So the additional cost better be close to zero to even bother introducing it. Joe User is just getting into recording their own DVDs in a big way now. To talk of its demise is laugable to me. Wyllie’s ‘notebooks can’t take a caddy’ comments are also funny to me. Sure, let’s fire up this HD content on my 15inch LCD. Oh look, behold the glory. Yeh, consumers are really DYING for HD content, especially on notebooks :g It should also be noted that blu-ray is currently ‘investigating’ making the cartridge optional. We’ll see tho. I have my doubts about his thoughts of the inability of manufacturers to make a blu-ray catridge notebook drive too, but I’ll leave that for another time. All I can say is HD-DVD better be dirt cheap in order to ‘survive’. Even then, the demand for this is type of device is VERY low right now (Joe User has DVD, and it RECORDS, too!), and by the time the market is ripe for HD (if it ever is), those data capacities and play-only limitations of the format will be laughable.

Yup the only way to make use of it is to fork out some more on a HD set top box. You can also achieve HD picture connecting your PC to it and a number of Xbox games support the 720p and 1080i, most others 480p. If you’re not using your HD for at least one of these purposes they aren’t worth buying. I’m glad Australia went with all the HD digital formats and didn’t follow Europe who mistakenly went for just standard definition digital. I would take a better picture any day over a few extra channels sent down the pipes.