NEC Germany announces ND-3540A

From,NEC Germany announces ND-3540A.


and still only 2.4x rated media available…

It’s almose there :wink:

I made a new page on my site for this new burner. Now al we have to do is wait untill the drive is for sale and firmwares will arrive.

Already mailed some companies (also company who’s importing NEC supplies) overhere in The Netherlands to send me this new drive directlty when it arrives.

Anything known about PI error/failure reporting? I’m tired of having to swap drives to test a burn.

Any guesses as to whether the 3520 can be flashed with the firmware from a 3540?

Or to put my question another way: Is the 3540 just a 3520 with new firmware?

Guesses? OK I guess… no 3520 can’t be flashed with 3540 firmware… oh no wait a minute I change my guess… 3520 can be flashed with 3540 firmware… no wait… 3520 can’t be flashed with 3540 firmware.

i hope that the 3540 use pcav to write at 8x!the Z-CLV from the other NEC versions are very slow.


the NEC 3540 just might be my next upgrade to replace the DVR-A09XL. You guys think it will be CAV / P-CAV ? (the new NEC) :stuck_out_tongue:

My personal guess is 3520 and 3540 share the same hardware and with some firmware changes or something similar it will be possible to convert a 3520 into a 3540…

I guess it might be possible to convert the 6500 into a 6550 as well.

I think the 3540 has also a newer chipset, I guess… :bow:
and it will not possible to use the FW of the 3540 to enhance
the 3520 I know for sure ! :cop: :iagree:


You use ‘I think’, ‘guess’, and ‘for sure’ in the same post. Make up you mind :stuck_out_tongue:

I know for sure the 3540 has also a newer chipset, :bow:
and it will not possible to use the FW of the 3540 to enhance
the 3520 I know for 100% sure ! :a :wink:

Now are you :confused:

I have so my own information… :smiley:

I hope you will continue sharing this info with us. Can you than give us the release date (e.g. The Netherlands) for this new 3540 drive :bow:

I’m glad we straightened that out! :bigsmile:

where do you get your info from? The 3520 had a new chipset from the 3500, you think they changed it again, it’s only been 3 or 4 months? :eek:

How was the A09? I heard it was a big disappointment, and that the 108 is still the best Pioneer… Kinda like the 3500 is preferred over the 3520.

If most people still think that the 3500 is a better drive than the 3520 why would anyone think that the 3540 will be any better. Too many new drives too quickly - better to build a good drive and then get the firmware right.
Still new drives do sell so from a commercial point of view their probably doing the right thing.

We don’t think 3540 will be better… we hope 3540 will be better =)

Can’t argue with that. Still wish I’d been able to get hold of a 3500 rather than a 3520