NEC fw overspeeding tool?



Just wondering if there is (or will be soon) a overspeeding tool for NEC drives. Something like Omnipatcher/MediaCodeSpeedEdit. Just a quick little gui tool to play around with.

Really like to be able to play with strats and burn speeds.





This topic seems to come up at least once per month :slight_smile:
At the moment there is no general release patching tool for NEC drives.
NEC firmware is a strange beast, in so that they change media and strategy offsets with nearly every release of the firmware, any patching tool has to find these offsets with 100% accuracy. So far, no patching tool that is both 100% safe and easy to use has been made.


OK, thanks. I figured there must have been some legit reason, just wanted to be sure.

Now that I know…well, that kinda sucks :sad: Oh well, maybe in the future.