NEC Firmware

Hi I have just got round to using my NEC3500A and I am trying to test out what speeds I can burn what discs at as I know you can burn discs faster than the rated speed using so called hacked or (modded firmware).

So my question is what is the latest hacked firmware for the NEC3500A that lets me burn discs at any speed?


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There is a very good selection of firmware here:

A lot of quality media can be burned with the NEC at speeds above the rated speed. Get CDSpeed and it will allow you to see the media code as well as the supported speeds in the NEC. It is not wise to burn any media at any speed.

Thanks that helps alot. I will be burning discs by night fall :wink:

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you had an identical thread in the nec forum. looks like the mods have deleted it now.

…What you on Ako

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