NEC Firmware Update Procedure



Are firmware update instructions NEC posted for the ND-3500A all necessary? I just installed a 3500A with 2.16 on a Dell XPS Gen 3 running XP Pro, and am looking to upgrade to 2.1A.

NEC says I must connnect the 3500A to a secondary IDE channel as Master (the XPS has only a primary) and (physically?) disconnect all Slaves, which for me would be a 3100AD. Also I must update as administrator (versus as user with Admin privileges?)in Safe Mode, switch from DMA to PIO, pull all USB devices and deactivate various programs. I wonder, for one thing, if the 3100 needs to be uninstalled / reinstalled with this prodedure?

If I use BinFlash as an alternative updater, do these same procedures need to be followed?


In my opinion, none of that is critical for BinFlash or the NEC program. I would imagine that they are trying to remove any change of trouble. You just don’t want to have a system hang or power loss during the brief period during which the firmware is being updated. I don’t think you have to pull the 3100, the program should differentiate between the two drives.


If your drive has special DELL firmware on it, you cannot use official NEC updates/flashers.
You probably could find out by trying it simply or using Discinfo to get all the infos about your drive, including VENDOR specific info.