NEC Firmware Comics

Just to relax and enjoy a good comic. Thanks must go out to Rylex (

I hope to release on a regular base new comics and publish them in this thread!



Nice comics :bow:

Very good :iagree:

Great. :bigsmile:

The last one for this weekend. Enjoy!

And here is another one for the weekend.


Hehe nice one… :slight_smile:

The last one for this weekend, enjoy!

This comics sucks bad.

No it doesn’t.

Good stuff. I enjoyed them :slight_smile:

Me, too (and my mother tongue isn’t English)!

:bow: :bow: :bow:

Nice ones

Sorry :bigsmile:

Another one!

Eeeeerm, if the firmware was crashing… then you’d either have a dead drive that needs resetting or a dead drive that’s a brick. Bugs do not get introduced into a firmware by copying and pasting data table entries in the firmware. Nor does doing so affect the stability of the drive or firmware in any way.

Hey code65536, it’s only humour - don’t analyze it to death! :slight_smile:

Well, yea, I know. :wink: But it’d be funnier if you could look at it and say to yourself “oh, that’s so true!”. I guess I’m the kind of person who hates movies like Swordfish or Hackers because they get things so wrong that it’s hard to carry out the suspension of disbelief that is needed to find it amusing. :stuck_out_tongue: