NEC firmware and modding links

As most of you know, the NEC drives are often flashed with modded firmware to change RPC locks, rip speed locks, and even burn speeds.

This thread is for the posting of links to resources only. Please use other threads for discussion of the mods and performance.

To begin, there appear to be a number of possible official sites for NEC support and downloads. In the USA, NEC drives are OEM only, so the official firmware releases should appear at the OEM support site

In case you are not familiar with the site, The Firmware Page and forums are an awesome place to learn about firmware for most any burner. There you will also find The Dangerous Brothers who provide modded firmware of all types.

Another excellent resource for NEC firmware is Herrie’s NEC portal

As a matter of netiquite, please do not post direct links to files that you do not own. Only links to web sites are allowed, unless you own the file and are hosting it yourself.

[b]As it seems that some folks are in need of constant reminders, this is where we tell you that flashing any firmware to your drive has certain inherant risks. Flashing any modded or unsupported firmware to your drive will void your warranty.

When you choose to flash an unsupported firmware to your drive, you are choosing to give up any right to return or RMA the drive, you are giving up any right to whine about the outcome of the flash, and you are agreeing to accept any negative outcome that may occur.[/b]

Be a grown-up and don’t blame CDFreaks, the author of the firmware or the maker of your drive if you ruin your drive. Don’t try to use a firmware mod to correct faulty hardware, return the drive for replacement instead.

NEC 2100 = NEC 2500 = NEC 2510 = HP 420i = HP 520i = TDK 880 = TDK 882 = AOpen DRW8800 = FREECOM W8B = RICOH MP5308D

You can flash a firmware from any one of these drives onto another.
They all use identical hardware.
To flash from one drive type to another, you must flash with a BIN file in real DOS or use Liggys’ BINFLASH flasher.

This list is not comprehensive! Check the NEC Forum threads for the latest firmwares!

35x0 firmwares:

MadDog 2.F8.
Official Ritek DL support! SL bitsetting, DL bitsetting.
You can also find modified versions of this firmware with RPC1, riplock removed, and drive ID string changed to NEC 3500. Check the link!

TDK 2.77 converted to NEC 3500A 2.17
Official Ritek DVD+R DL support! RPC1, riplock removed, DL bitsetting, NO SL bitsetting.

Plus MANY other new 3500 firmwares in the forum! just l00k! :rolleyes:

25x0 firmwares:

Herrie 1.07 v2 beta5 (Highly recommended!)
This firmware is based on the HP 520i 2.21 firmware.
It includes RPC1, riplock removal, 2100@2500, SL & DL bitsetting, DL burning support, and speeded up media. (allows you to burn many 4X certified discs at 8X)

Herrie 1.07 v2 beta4
This firmware is based on the HP 420i 1.27 firmware.
It includes RPC1, riplock removal, 2100@2500, bitsetting, no DL burning support and speeded up media.

RITEK DVD+R DL firmwares
2.06 (2100@2500, riplock removed, RPC1, RITEK DL support!)
Windows flasher:

2.16 (2100@2500, riplock removed, RPC1, RITEK DL support, DL bitsetting!)
Windows flasher:

Note Liggy has posted supported media lists for each firmware! If you’d like to check if a specific media type is included in a specific firmware, look HERE.

Note2 If you’re using Nero 6.X, make sure to upgrade to or newer to avoid buffer underrun problems with the DL firmwares!

Other firmware sources:

NEC .de website:

TDK 880 and 440 drives are rebranded NEC drives.
TDK firmware updates:

HP 520i and 420i drives are rebranded NECs.
HP firmware updates for this drive:

NEC firmware resource webpage by cdfreaks member ScorpioSoft:

Originally posted by wesociety
Being new to dvd authoring…I feel a little meek right now but I don’t see any firmware updates for the 2500A at that site. :confused:

As of 03/30/2004 there are no official NEC firmwares newer than 1.06 for the ND-2500A drive.

Where is Herries firmware link? or the Dangerous Bros link…should it be posted here??

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Try reading the first post.

I just buy 2 units of NEC 2500A DVD burner

1 Unit is using Firmware Version 1.7!!!

But the unit is without ear phone jack and volume tuninng at the front panel.

Anyone can verify this firmware version?

Edit: I moved your post to a new thread.

That MAY be the next official release if you haven’t done anything to it yet. You need to back it up and send it to Herrie and the dangerous brothers to see what you have there.
The Dangerous Brothers have a update/firmware backup tool on their site, I believe it’s DOS based.

Post#2 in this thread updated.

I know have the 1.07v2b5 and I tested it with dvd-r princo type 2 @8x (works perfect) beta 4 gave problems @8x

"HP 420i drive is a rebranded ND-2500A. "

Can I update the firmware to the hack NEC DL capable firmware ?

Does this drive as a good burn quality like NEC drives. What about read quality…is it better ?

In the USA, NEC drives are OEM only, so the official firmware releases should appear at the OEM support site

But that site you linked states:

Our drives are sold directly to computer manufacuters. Please contact the company that sold you the drive for drivers, firmware and support.

This thread could do with some updating on the firmware releases available and which ones are the newest (Like the new 2.06 release).

And if you dont have any floppy discs to get into DOS (you are running win2000 or xp) you can download this small DOS CD image to get into DOS (burn to a cd, 972kb big)

Download here

I have a NEC 2500A.
am I wrong or can I use the firmware: 1.07 v2 beta5 to update the drive so I can write DL-dvd disks?

No your right :smiley:


I will update the firmware and go test it. :smiley:

I wonder, is there a 1.0B for the 1300A with bitsetting?
Because i’d like to update my firmware, I still have 1.08v2 “holiday edition” :stuck_out_tongue:
or should i go and buy a 3500 :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think there is a 1.0B.At the moment there’s no bitseting for the 3500. But should be coming soon.I’m sticking with the 2500 until bitseting becomes available.

Anyone know how i got 2.21 on my NEC ND-2510a ?
I wanna run herries firmware so i can use the new toys…! But everytime i try those windows reflash tools it always says the drive was not properly identified… I’m assuming that is the firmware is too new for the flash? any help would be appreciated!