NEC FIRMWARE Advice please

I have a NEC 2510A drive and have been trying to figure out which would be the best Firmware for me and if there even is one out there thats better than the one I now have (Herrie’s riplock free based on 2.16 filename 2510216.exe)

I have read through various threads in the NEC forum and since I’m a N00B in this area I came to no conclusion.

I just need one with good burn quality and no Rip Lock.

Can any of you experts give me some advice ?

–//Thanx in advance

A good firmware is the MadDog 2.F8 you can download from, they have a riplock free firmware and if dont need speed hacks this is good option.
I am using this firmware with my 2500A@2510A and work great with excellent quality

Yo icaruscr-

I second that - the 2.F8 is said to be very good and can be found here:


Thanx so much for reply.

And now a little question since I get the error “Target NEC 2510A not found properly”
Should I first FLASH to and old Original NEC Firmware for it to detect my drive ?

And where can i read some info about this Firmware. What was it based on and what was fixed ?

–//Tahnx in advance


Look in the “search” section - should give you days of reading if you put in “flash NEC 2510” or something like that-


I wouldn’t post if I hadn’t tried finding the answer myself :slight_smile:
If you happen to know the answer. Why not just answer my question ?


There is a whole thread here about 2500/2510 2.F8 firmware

Here is your answer NightRhyme

go to

Go near to the bottom of the page and look for nec firmware utilities.


go up and download the modified firmware that you need,

I used 2.F8_QB2.rar to speed up my recording.

Unzip, get all in same folder, utility and bin file,

open on windows, hit flash pick bin and reboot.

Should work.

is quiikee still working on the modified fw for 2510a?

Because these questions get posed hundreds of times and the answers are
easily found in FAQs located here at CDFreaks. It is not discourtesy on our
part; rather it is exasperation at explaining something easily available. Most
folk do not bother to search first, unlike yourself. Thank you for that! :slight_smile:

Quikee2 has a new f/w now for the 2510. Do a search for his nic and it’s in his sig…