Nec firmare upgrade




i have an nec 6500 in t30 laptop 2.2ghz ,2gig ram 120gb hd the firmware is 202c , when i burn dvd’s i get a lot of aborts i have nero 7 trial ,would using fimware 2.24 help.

also what is lightscribe ,it is greyed out in nero tools.sounds good ??

thanks ianf


Writing problems are often caused by bad quality media. But when you already think of updating the firmware, why not just use the newly released 2.25 then?

Lightscribe is used for labelling but is not supported by any NEC drive. Some drives support a similar - but incompatible - technique called Labelflash. Just use the search button.


Wow! I can’t believe NEC is still supporting this drive with new firmware.


Why not? It was not too long ago, when NEC released updates for the 2500 and 2510 drives which are even a bit older if I remember correctly.

NEC may not release firmwares that often, but they tend to support their drives for quite a long time compared to other manufacturers.


made a huge boo-boo flashed my drive with 424bitset should have been 223bitset can anyone help me change it back?


This probably won’t work without an external flashing hardware because the drive will switch from slave to master, when the command is sent to switch to the drive’s bootcode (which is needed for flashing)