NEC extends DVD+RW recorders range with ND-1000 - 2.4x DVD-RW

I just posted the article NEC extends DVD+RW recorders range with ND-1000 - 2.4x DVD-RW.

jsl used our newssubmit to tell us that NEC has another DVD writer out. The English web retailer has as NEC DVD recorder IDE ND-1000 listed. This is the third NEC DVD writer that has…

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Is the Sony DRU-500A a rebadged NEC drive ??? The specs of the two burners are not identical, so are you sure about that? And if it is true, why is NEC’s own +/- drive delayed and Sony’s already released?

I posted seems, because I’m not 100% sure. We already heard some rumors, and also accoring to the post of yesterday from it’s NEC technology. This doesn’t mean it’s a full rebadge, Sony could only use a few parts of the NEC drive and build their own around it.

What a bargain…go NEC! £163.14 quid all in…wow…go +RRW! :slight_smile: