NEC E228 Data Cable help

i have recently bought a Data cable for my NEC phone from Ebay by a company called Stewartsoftware- which included the PC suite with it.

i have tried to install most of the programmes, i have unzipped the files and only some of them will unzip totally, the others will display errors asking me to reinstall programme to see if it will work, which i have done

i have managed to unzip the “personal information editor” programme but when i try to upload and download images etc its says

"communication carried out the timeout (0x200B042AL)

i have also installed the “gprs wizard”, ive tried to follow the instructions in the help section and entered the connexion name as “my gprs” and my username and password, i have not entered an APN name which i do not know what it is.

i cant seem to get any of it to work. when i was trying to install a new connection for the GPRS wizard it keeps saying

“unable to detect supported device”

even though the phone is connected into the computer

i have downloaded another PC suite from the internet which i have installed but it keeps coming up

“phone not connected”

information included with the product advices me that if i am using XP i was to rightclick a programme i wanted to use and select an older version of windows from the properties menu - starting with 95 and then try 98 if it never worked but this still hastnt sorted it.

it also tells me to install something called “userport” which i have and installed in my drivers folder as advised but still no luck and im not exactly sure what to do with the programme because when i press a button is comes up with

"“driver does not exist:

can someone please tell me exactly what to do as the instructions do not really work. i am using windows XP and my phone is a NEC228.

First of all, great nick. I always wanted a tsunami of a babe.

Second of all, this forum is about NEC optical storage products, not NEC mobile phones etc., that’s why I doubt that you will get any useful answers to your questions here. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with your problem either. Have you tried asking this in a forum about mobile phones?