Nec Dvdrw Nd-3550a

Dear All,

I am a newbie in this, and i seek some help concerning the choice of media to use for a project.

I currently use a NEC DVDRW ND-3550A model and i would like to back up a purchased movie that exceeds the 4.7 gb available on a blank PRINCO DVD Disc. The movie is around 6 gb.

what format must i use and what brand.

thank you in advance

use verbatim dvd+r dl and bitset to dvd-rom dl.

Thanks srtboy, but i was wondering where must i change the bitset to dvd-r dl? Can’t my burning handle dvd+r?

sorry i am anewbie and would like to learn.

You can always use a DVD9 to DVD5 shrinking application such as DVDFab or CloneDVD. You can then write the project to a much less expensive single layer media.
If the disc is protected you will need to use DVDFab to get around the copy protection in either case.

If you don’t want to shrink as Dee suggested then you would have to flash your firmware on your drive to a bitsetting firmware. I have always used bitsetting for dvd’s to maximize dvd player compatibility. The cheaper route is to just shrink it since 6gb won’t have much affect on the quality. I would shrink it personally because dual layered dvd’s are so expensive and the lack of quality of dual layered dvd’s. also if you have problems with playback its most likely the lack of quality dvd media. princo is not very good. try some verbatim or sony.

Dear Dee-27 and srtboy,

i apologize for the late reply, thank you both for your suggestion, i will try using DVD Shrink and cross my fingers.

Thank you and have a nice day

In addition to suggested media, try to see if you can get Verbatim DVD+R DLs that are MIS (made in Singapore). People in the know regard these as being of higher quality that those that may be MII (made in India). This information is indicated on the outside packaging (20 pack spindle) right next the the UPC bar code.