Nec dvdrw drive suddently not recognized (NEC ND-3540A)

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-3540A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i have in my pc 2 dvd-rws (a Nec 3540A + a lite-on sohw 832s) +a simple Asus dvdrom driver. all have been working normally for more than 2 years

the last thing i installed in my pc was a logitech mouse software-driver and after that i find out that ‘My Computer’ has lost the 2 dvd-RW!!. [i uninstalled the logitech stuff and dindt work]

i go to the device manager and it still finds the NEC+Liteon but it has a red’X’ and they are disabled.i double-click the nec and it says

This device is disabled. (Code 22)
Click Enable Device to enable this device.

i click enable and windows instantly says ‘windows was not able to enable this device’

how do i fix this?I DID NOT tamper with wires NOR jumpers.the strange thing is that the asus simple dvdrom drive works fine

Hi and Welcome,

at first; I would try to install the drives in device manager and reboot. Windows should then reinstall them.


hi michael, but how do i install the drives in the device manager

[quote=pwnyexpress;2128833]hi michael, but how do i install the drives in the device manager[/quote]Sorry, there was a severe typo in my previous statement :o
I meant [B]un[/B]install. Select the piece of hardware you want to uninstall in device manager, right-click and choose the [I]uninstall [/I]item. That’s all.


ur simple solution simply solved my problem. after the uninstall i clicked’scan for changes’ and everything is sweet ever since
aint windows f…reaking great?

You’re welcome:)
Fine you got it working :smiley: