Nec Dvd Writer

:confused: :confused: Can Any body plz help me i have just upgraded my dads pv to a amd 3000+ bit runnning at 1. 8 ghz and the op system is windows xp mce he has a
nec dvd-r 3520a which now will not see any blank dvds or dvd rw it always picks them up as cds which they are not ive tryed doing the firmware updates but still it wont pick up blank dvds and when it does pick them up as cds you cant do anything with them the copy software he is using is nero 7.012 with updates has any body got any ideas plz help if you need any more info plz let me know and i will give you as much info as possable

Thankyou in Advance


Go to device manager and look at what that says about the DVD and look at what drivers have been listed and report back.
You say that you upgraded, was that the motherboard as well?

thankyou will do

i upgraded the firmware for the device to the latest version
3 . 05

The mother board is a asrock k8 upgrade the drivers are all the standard 32 bit ones

I doubt that Nero will see the dvd media as cd media.

Please give some proof, like a snapshot or logfile.

Did you replace the motherboard if so you will have to reinstall windose on the C drive as the original windose drivers/config will be for the old board.

ty all its sorted now

Excellent Chris. :clap: :clap:
Would you post what the problem was please. :bigsmile: