Nec dvd rw nd7550a doesn't work anymore!



Hi guys.
I have a problem that i just can’t figure out. I recently bought a toshiba laptop frm a colleague of mine. Everything was ok untill recently when the dvd drive stopped working. It still plays cds, but it won’t read or burn dvd’s. It DOES read one dvd that has only data, but won’t play any movies, even the ones that used to work on it before. When you put in a dvd it just makes weird sounds and doesn’t even recognise that there is a disk inside.

My specifications are:
OS: Vista
Processor: Intel Centrino Duo T2600 @ 2.16GHz 2.17GHz
Ram: 1 gb
Dvd: Nec dvd rw nd-7550a

Any sort of help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks




Dirty lens on the laser maybe. Or dying drive.


hmm, arite how can i clean the lens? i already tried this disk that says lens cleaner, it has a small brush at the bottom. Didn’t work. Anyother ideas?