NEC DVD_RW ND1300A won't recognize DVD's

Sorry - I had this on the wrong forum earlier - typical newbie error!
Hello Folks,
I’ve looked through the forums and can’t find anything similar to my current problem.
All of a sudden, for no reason, my drive will
Burn DVDs
Read CDs
But it won’t read or recognize any DVD I put in. it was fine yesterday, I’ve done nothing to the thing. I’m getting “Please insert disc into drive D”
I had some dvd files on the hard drive, successfully burnt them to disc - which my PC woudn’t recognize. I put it in the DVD player and it works. Hurrumph!

Nero Info tool can tell me the name of the disc in the drive, and the size, but again if I click on it in "my computer I get “please insert…”

Any ideas people?


System ASPI is corrupted - does this mean anything?



Hmmm. Now I can’t get Nero Info tool to tell me what disc is in. (This is like one of those plays where a bloke talks to himself so you know what’s going on.)

Me again.
Why do i have spare Drives (which I keep deleting/uninstalling) that reappear?
The culprits:
H:VX5344Y XZV205Y
G: The Same.
Also, whats this bloody F: ELBY drive that I have ?

No doubt I’ll be back with more shortly.

Dear Diary,
Another addition - If I reboot my PC with CD in the drive - no problem.
if I reboot with a DVD in the drive - it will hang…until I remove it then…voyler! (As they say in France) it works!

If the The World’s [I]Largest[/I] CD/DVD community has no ideas, then I’m buggered I suppose! :slight_smile:

I’ve flashed my firmware, I’ ve scanned the registry, I’ve system restored. Nowt.

It sounds like the drive needs replacing.
Assuming you have MS IDE drivers installed and the drive is set up in UDMA mode.

Hello Dee! Thanks for the reply - how would I ensure that what you said is right please?


The “MS IDE drivers installed” and “the drive is set up in UDMA mode.”

Is what I was referring to sorry.

You can check both in “device manager” (IDE controller section)

Also, it sounds like you may have some virtual drives installed. Do you have CloneCD, Alcohol, or Daemon Tools installed?

If so, might be worth a shot uninstalling them (if only just for troubleshooting purposes). :slight_smile:

i think they’re just crap drives. i have an 1100 @ 1300 and the thing barely reads dvd-roms, let alone writes dvd+/-r!

only bad nec i’ve ever owned out of 3500, 3550, 4551 and 7173

Also [B]uninstall[/B] ASPI drivers. These are not needed on Windows XP.


Thanks guys - I think I’ll get a new drive. it’s worked fine for 3 years with all that crap installed, so I think it’s just died. I’ll pick up a new one for $70 on Trademe!

Cheers anyway,


That’s quite a lot of money for a new DVD burner :eek:

You have virtual drives installed, the one here comes from clonecd or clonedvd.
Disable them.
If you have fixed that, update the firmware (as suggested before) and use the MCSE tool, but only after reading HOW IT WORKS.