NEC DVD_RW ND-7550A Vista Drivers

Hi All,

I have taken the jump onto the Vista band wagon, and while all is good, my DVD-RAM drive does not work.

The device is: NEC DVD_RW ND-7550A ATA Device
Its in my Toshiba P100 Laptop.

I have tried to install the XP drivers as supplied by Toshiba but this won’t install as when I try it tells me that the OS is not the correct one.

I have uninstalled the device through the control panel, and then kept trying reinstalling the device, I can find the device listed through the device manager but it keeps throwing the following error:

“Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)”

Can anyone help?



I think I also had the same problem. I just got vista and it seems that there is a driver for it. Perhaps it has not been created yet. For me, im using a Fujitsu A3110. It just says that it is a unknown devise and some programs stated that i dont have a CD drive!!! Lets hope they will come out with a new driver soon cause I dont think Vista supports it. I regretted spending money to upgrade to vista… …

This seems to be a problem of the manufacturers of your notebooks not the drive.
In desktops DVD drives don’t need drivers as the O/S supports them in a native way, and you can plug them to a connector defining as master of slave (in the case of IDE).
When it comes to notebooks it is a dif story and it depends on the way the machine is configured (sometimes requiring the change of the drive’s firmware).
By the way Carl describes the message returned by the O/S it seems something related to this.