NEC DVD+RW ND 5100A problem!



I had to reinstall XP in my Inspiron 8600. The D: Drive will read/play music cd’s & software cd’s, but when I put in a DVD it says that no DVD can be found. It was doing the same thing a few days before reinstalling XP and is one of the reasons I decided to do that. Is it possible that it is broken? (eventhough it will still play music cd’s and software) or is this more than likely a software problem that I somehow haven’t figured out?


I would think it would more likely be software. Try downloading powerdvd


Thanks for responding, I had an older version (5) that came with my Dell, I installed the free trial version of 6 just now and it still said that there was no dick in the drive. I’m truly stumped. I loaded new drivers, firmware, bios, software etc.


Sorry!! I obviously meant diSk!!!


Good job you corrected that :bigsmile:

Also…does it read any type of DVD (burned, pressed etc)?


Oddly enough, I hadn’t thought there would be a difference. Burnt dvd’s (1 click & Express) work…but not a store bought/rented movie. Could I be missing a decoder or something.


A friend of mine had this problem on her Dell laptop, where the drive wouldn’t read a DVD. The solution? Uninstall Sonic DLA.


No Luck, I guess I may have to break down and take it to get looked at somewhere. You can even hear it trying to read it…it will start up and then stop. Start up again and then stop, as if it just can’t figure out what it is, and then responds that it can’t find a dvd.