Nec Dvd_rw ND-4551A 0.05! What do I do?



Hi, I’ve done the Binflashing and Driverflashing tutorials step by step untill I got stuck at the stage where I need to choose a Firmware bin file to flash.
Where do I get this firmware file? now my driver is as displayed in Binflash gui - NEC DVD_RW ND-4551A 0.05.
Now if I download a firmware file for it(from -, for example a 2.03 version of ND-4551A it sais that its not the version for my driver! Ofcourse it isn’t im trying to upgrade!
Secondly I can’t find a firmware file version 0.05! theres only 1.05 and above!

Also important to mention, my driver is flashing the small light, and I cant get eject it, and nero doesn’t recognize it as a dvd recorder too.

What do I do? Im going crazy here.

Thx for any help.


Welcome to the forum.
0:05 firmware and the LED on means the drive in in safe mode and the old firmware has been erased.
Did you crossflash this drive from a 3550/4550 model to 4551?

In any case. 1-09 is the latest firmware for this drive.


Ok, came out a total idiot, I downloaded the 3551…when I should have the 4551 :smiley:
thank u anyway.