NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A problem



dvd-rw will play discs both bought and homemade and will burn cds but willnot recognise blank dvds, tried differant types, it seems to change the drive into a cd drive!
any answers?
and want to know if i uninstal drive will windows find the hardware automaticaly as i do not have the disc for it



Nope, this is the explorer only.
You can see the real id of the drive in the devicemanager.

Use a proper burning app like Imgburn, even cdburnerxp or Nero would do.


yes i use nero 7 and it has been fine but just lately nero, and i have tried xilisoft, wont recognise dvd discs when i want to burn something onto them, although it will play bought and previously burned discs so it can recognise a dvd!
so could it be the burner that is at fault, do i need a new one!

having said that i have just burnt some music videos onto a dvd and it worked perfectly! think it may just be larger files or an intermitant thing?
will try again!

thanks for reply