NEC DVD-RW ND-3500AG Firmware

I have a NEC DVD-RW ND-3500AG which is using Firmware “K350GN8M” v2.18 (WIN) - 08-Nov-2004, which i think is from NEC, but i’m not sure.

Can you please tell me if there is a better/faster firmware or which is the best/latest firmware, which is relible.

It’s burning a DL Disc between 4x-6x on WinXP Pro


Have a look at my firmware page. Link can be found in my signature below. Lots of 3500 (original and modded) firmwares.

That’s the latest official firmware for the ND-3500AG. There are better firmwares like Liggy’s that improve the strategy tables and remove the rip and region locks, but those are unofficial, community firmwares. If you prefer to stick with factory stock firmwares though, 2.18 is the latest one, and the filename you mentioned is the one NEC uses on their website.

The latest official firmware is 2.19.



Yup - the latest NEC official firmware is 2.19 and can be found here:


Adding a link to official download: on this page :wink:

The best 3500 firmware can be found HERE. :bigsmile:

Thanks for all your replies, I also had a e-mail from NEC (see below) Question- If the the “G” does not have any significance., why put it there in the first place. that just mixes people up.
but i must add that (Mark Hallsworth at NEC Data Storage Support) gave me a very quick reply which i thank him for. other companies take note.

Question for “Bigmike7” why is it that when i clicked on your link in your post, up came that horrible “Crazy Frog” and tried to automatically download something to my computer, which my anti-virus picked up as a virus and intercepted and destroyed. then and only then i was directed to you webpage.
ps: it only did that the first time i clicked on it.

Now i will try LD V2.TD (Liggy & Dee NEC ND-3500 firmware) as they sound reliable. or as a last resort i can use the NEC v2.19.

thanks again people

Dear Customer,

The 2.19 firmware is for the ND-3500A(G). Your drive is an ND-3500A the “G” does not have any significance.


Mark Hallsworth

NEC Data Storage Support.


For Firmware updates and Media lists please visit:

For FAQ’s please visit:

Yo Mac-1

I have no idea why that happened as I just went to the site and copied the url and pasted it to my post - so it must have been something that was lurking on that site - sorry - I tried to replicate it but couldn’t-


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Mike, this is the (url) link you have in your post:

note the beggining of the url before the actual website:

edit: strange, the link showed up like that when I first hovered the mouse over it, after clicking it returned to normal. Were you by chance, not logged in? I logged in to reply, and the link is normal… I wonder if this has something to do with the adds that have been added (displayed only when not logged in).

Does the official 2.19 firmware do autobooktype SL +R to ROM?

No, only DVD+R DL.

No the official 2.19 from NEC does not do the bitsetting on single layer, but the 2.FD firmware from the US compagny called Mad Dog
does the automatic bitsetting in single layer DVD+R
-The Mad Dog burners are “rebadged” NEC 3500-

Evetythingl is explained in this thread

I get all the bitsetting I need with 218btrpc1.rar from L&D. It also has the best burn quality for the media I use (see scans below).

Hey guys, i have this DVD burner but for some reason It won’t let me burn DL DVDs. Im trying to back up my HD and Roxio Easy CD Creator 7.5 is giving me a “Seek, synch ATIP or mechanical positioning error.” [03/02/00] and Cannot write medium. Incompatible format - Illegal request [05/30/05]… any ideas?? I can burn regular DVDs fine.

I’m using Ridata DVD +R DL 2.4x 240 min media…

The latest 2.1B firmware should support Ridata DVD+R DL discs.

thank you…

all i can find is 2.1A though… would this work?

ok i updated to 2.1B… and Im still getting a medium error… very strage…

any ideas?

another update… Roxio doesnt work but Nero does… no idea why…