NEC DVD+-RW ND-3450A Burner Basic Question



I’ve looked around, and can’t seem to find solid answer for this.

Is this burner a dual layer burner?

Also, can anyone recommend a media type which plays better with this device than others?

Many thanks.



Yes it is.

Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media is generally accepted as being the best media to have, regardless of the brand of the burner.


Thanks for the quick response.

Other than compatibility and engineering, is there any other difference between -R/RW and +R/RW media? From the looks of it, this burner only supports DL using 2.4DVD+RDL media.

Also, do all dual layer burners support both single sided and double sided media???


The 3540 will support various +R DL media from 2.4x to 8x. It should do all the Verbatim (the only ones to buy) at up to 8x.

Likewise it should do the Verbatim -R DL media at up to 6x.

All the media available is single sided but if you’re asking do they all support single & dual layer then yes.


I have a 3450 however. Not a 3540.

I was more referring to dual layer, double sided media which gives you 17.1 GB of space as opposed to dual layer, single sided media which will give you 8.5 GB. Do all Dual Layer burners support both single and double sided media, or do only certain Dual Layer burners support the larger capacity media?



I really should read these posts more carefully. Yes the 3450 is limited to +R DL media only but should burn at 2.4x or 4x.


I have never heard of double sided media with 17.1GB of space.
If there is such a thing I would be interested in where to get it.


My inexperience is manifested. After some research…Double Sided/Dual Layer known as DVD 18 is not supported by DVD-R/W or DVD+R/W.