Nec Dvd+rw Nd-2100ad



I have an HP Pavilion with an NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD drive. It can detect CD’s, blank CD-R, DVDs with movies, but not blank DVD’s. Can the problem be software, hardware related, or DVD related. I have purchased DVD+R & DVD+RW’s but it does not detect them. The software I am using is InterVideo DVD Creator and Sonic RecordNow! I have tried the PC Doctor and it says the DVD works fine, but the softwares mentioned above tell me that there is no DVD Rewritable found on my system.


Make sure you have the latest firmware.

Although I recommend upgrading the drive to a full ND-2510A to have DVD-R(W) and DVD+R Dual Layer support. I recommend the Liggy’s v2.0A (any variation Orig/Fast/RPC1 will do).


Will this upgrade for the ND-2510A work with my drive?


How do I flash my drive once I have downloaded the software?


There are guides on that website that explain it quite clearly.