NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD - region codes?

I have a NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD and when I try to play a region free DVD using the Dell Media Experience (DVD player software) for the first time I get a “DVD region error” message. No regions are previously set but the software insists to enter region 1 (I want region 2).

So here are my questions:

Has the region code something with the NEC player to do, or is it
software related (Dell Media Experience)?

If this is a hardware issue, is it possible to make the NEC player region free?
(and how)

No region code is yet entered so the current region field (displyed in Dell Media Experience) is left blanc. The DVD-rom I try to play is region free, but Dell Media Experience insists to set a region code. I have tryed to use DVD Ghost but the same “DVD region Error” appears.
Is this because DVD Ghost also have to use a region code?
(Not a specific NEC problem I know)