NEC DVD_RW ND-1300A fails burning Nashua DVD-R


I bought a NEC DVD_RW ND-1300A with some DVD+R RW and a box of 50 Nashua DVD-R 4.7GB

Burning (TDK) DVD+R RW I did not encounter any problem.
When I tried to burn a Nashua DVD-R with several software like Nero, DVD Decrypter I have the following error:

Cannot write medium - incompatible format
When Cancel I got:
Failed to reserve track

Has anybody an idea why is this occurring?
I thought DVD_RW ND-1300A was compatible for both DVD+R and -R
Thanks in advance



this doesn’t really belong in the transcoding forum, but anyway…

ur firmware doesn’t seem to support those discs. try flashing to one of Herrie’s modified firmwares.

You are right, this query doesn’t belong here. Apologize for that (I’m new in this stuff).

Thanks for the info but could you be more expecific with firmware…you mean driver?

I just tried with another DVD-R media (That’s write) and it burns OK. So I’m suspecting that NEC does not like Nashua media.


PS: Do you know how to move this thread to the correct one?


I do not like Nashua media either, I´ve burnt 50 of those and every single one has lots of write errors.
My Nashua discs was Optodisck001 or similiar.

ive got the same dvd copier on my pc and i bought some datawrite dvd-r and i got an erroe message about the blank disks too,my manual and box etc say it takes all so i dont know but it wont take these ive got,im going to try the dvd+rw so see what happens,wasting money though!!!

All you guys are messing around trying to get no-name crappy media to work. Buy Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Sony -R 1X-8X Accucore (if the packaging states Made in Japan). Get them online if your local stores don’t carry them. Your problem will go away.

And RW disks can stop working after as few as 1 or 2 burns. The writing layer developes multiple bad areas that cause a burn to fail. If you use RW so that you can test before your real burn, a better method is to rip the movie to HDD first and test the movie, using Power DVD or a similar computer-based player software, then burn to disk if all is fine.


That’s the key to success. Use reliable media.

I have this drive and have had it for over two years, it does not like crappy media especially Optodisk. As was recommended get yourself some Verbatim, Sony, Taiyo Yuden or Fuji. All of these will burn fine with no troubles.

I have the same dvd burner and I have tried everything, every kind of media I could find, custom firmware as well as official firmware. Still I can not burn dvd-r. (nero tells me illegal disc) and img burn tells me unable to reserve track. I ended up buying a new burner anyway but I was wondering if anyone has found a fix yet for this problem?

The only modern disks I would try with the 1300a would be Taiyo Yuden 8x +R, or possibly Verbatim 8x. You can find either at online shops like or

I know for certain that the TY 8x +R work in my old 1300a. Yours may have developed other problems however, like a failing dvd laser, so I cannot guarantee they would work for you. Excellent disks however, in any type of modern drive.