Nec Dvd+rw Nd 1100a



Dose anyone know if this burner can be flashed to another type of burner or the firmwere updated so it can burn other DVD disc’s :slight_smile: it only supports +dvd :frowning: at the momment :sad:


It can be flashed to an ND1300 which writes -R media as well but the success rate is low. It never worked for me.

Being a very old drive now the firmware support for much of the media currently available is non-existant. The last firmware available was released 2 1/2 years ago.

In all truth you’d be much better off spending £20 on a new burner.

Here are 2 sites that have firmware - Liggy & Dees and Herries .


The ND1300-derived patched firmware is apparently better tuned for +R (more media, better default stategy), but getting -R capability is a rather flaky bonus.

It IS an obsolete model, and current drives cost less than a cakebox of good quality media.


Thanks 4 the replies :slight_smile:

Managed to find a forum for this drive and it came to the same conclusion :sad: its not worth messing with it better getting a new drive :smiley:

Now to find out which one :confused:


Pioneer 111D, Benq 1650 or 1655 (if you could find one) , Samsung S182D (I think) would be 3 to start with.

I’ve got the first 2 & I like the sound of the Samsung. PC World were selling off Benq 1650 for £25 a few weeks ago , might still have some.

Depends if you want DVD-RAM writing , Lightscribe/Labelflash etc…