Nec dvd+rw nd-1100a

Hi,seem to have common problem can record cd-rw adio or video but can not use dvd disks get message "no disk in drive"can anyone help Thanks Lee2

Hi there,

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You have to insert appropriate type of media or to use another template if you are using Nero!

thanks, have appropiate media no nero at all,funny I can record music/video to cd disks get “there’s no disk in the driver” when I load a dvd disk.Worked really well up to about 2 months ago.Contacted Dell who got me 1st to remove SP2,when this did not work remove all windows from my computer then reinstall all still no luck.Can it be the new Media 10 player or SP2?I have Roxio easy cd dvd 6 platinum.I use Norton 2003 antivirus plus the Windows fire wall.My dvd player is a Samsung dvd-romsd-616t,again thanks,Lee by the way computer is 6 months old.