Nec dvd RW 3540 region lock

I have a NEC DVD writer, and after the region was locked, it won’t play anything. I have anyDVD installed and still, media-player,mv2player or realplayer will not play any movie. media-plyer specificaly says that there is a copyright violation.

does anyone have an idea on how to go around this?

Hi yaniv,

You could use AnyDVD to copy/paste the entire contents of your dvd to a folder on your hard drive. Then play the harddisk contents with your standard player.

You could also make your Nec 3540 region free by using this firmware at your own risk!

On Liggy/Dee-27’s ND-3540 page you’ll find a lot of rpc1 firmwares. :smiley:

10x guys,
don’t want to change the firmware for it invalidates the warranty, as you know…
I’ll try the copy-to-HD thing.
I also haven’t tried playing with winDVD which I;ve seen a few posts reporting it works with NEC+anyDVD. I’ll check it out to.

till next time,