NEC DVD RW 1300 wont' play PC video games!

Help. We can install the games no problemo. However, when for instance you install this 3 CD game, it installs just fine and dandy, then you have to insert CD #1 to play the game. We do this, and it says it can’t read the CD, we’ve tried several others and it’s the same deal. My PC techs say that there was some software that came with my DVD RW - Well, there wasn’t. Just had it built last Xmas. They also told me I needed to install powerdvd or windvd. This will enable you to watch DVD movies right? That’s another thing I’m not able to do at present. But will this software make the games play…! :sad: Any input here would be greatly appreciated.

To play any form of a Video-DVD you will need some form of DVD player software, this should not affect any game installation or play.

What games are you taking about and are these backed-up games, if so then this could be caused by the game reading through your writer drive that its on a cd-r not a pressed disc, if you have a cd-rom drive try inserting the disc in that to see if it cures the problem.

Having Clone-cd or deamon tools installed can cause problems with some games, as the game looks to see if these software are installed and if so refuse to play.