Nec Dvd Nd-3530a

Hi, just joined the forum so bear with me!
I have a Dell Dimension 5150 which has an internal DVD RW+/- model NEC DVD ND-3530A with version 1.04 firmware. OS is windows XP. I have Nero 7 and am trying to burn a movie to DVD using Nero vision express ver 4. I was able to do this faultlessly on my old PC but cannot get it to work on this one. Nero burns the movie to DVD with no error messages. But when I either try to play on Nero showtime or on my DVD player it will not play. The DVD player will not recognise the DVD and Nero showtime will start to play the movie and then fires up an error message.

The Dimension is factory standard with no upgrades. NEC DVD burner is the one that came with the PC.

Any ideas? :confused:

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There’s a couple of key things you haven’t mentioned…media brand and the burn speed you used.

Sine you’re having problems playing the disc both on your standalone and on your PC, I’d doubt it’s a problem limited to your standalone.

Thanks for your reply.
Media I am using is verbatim DVD RW+/- and burn speed is 4x.

Hmmm, that’s the best stuff IMO. Try looking on Dell’s site for a firmware upgrade for the NEC.

Failing that, if you’re trying to convert from say an .avi or DivX file, then a change of software may help…ConvertXtoDVD (which I use) has a trial version just to see if the resulting discs will play OK. :wink:

Do a quick test, and download VLC and see if the movie plays with it.

I downloaded the latest firmware form Dell last night and reflashed the DVD, it was at 1.03 and I reflashed to 1.04.

I have converted from AVI and divx before with no problem using Nero vision express. But this was on my old PC running a HP DVD burner. No longer have this PC.

Where do I get VLC from?

Thanks for the replies guys.

Here you go: VLC. :slight_smile: