NEC DVD D/L Burners

Im not sure why people make such a fuss over the NEC-3500ag. I have been using one for the last two weeks and it goes back tomorrow. I can’t believe that nec is so cheap that they can’t afford to use a dual color led for read/write. Their customer service sucks. The drive isn’t capable of testing media like the BENQ or Sony, and the drive is a picky reader. The manufactures throw the drive out there and let guys like Quickee2 figure out the best way to make them work right. The only thing going for it is the community support that you guys give. The drive I got was a maddog 16xDVD9 (3500ag)and it wouldn’t read or write Fujifilm -R disks 8X at any speed… I burnt about 10/25pk coasters before I down loaded Quickee2’s firmware and now it will read at 6x and write at 4. My Cheap ass optorite DD0201 will read them at 5 and write them at 4.
I think the best way to get NEC to wise up would be to withdraw community support and recommend other drives to newbies. Im not sure what I will get but the Benq group at least listens to their consumers. Almost everyone shows one drive to read and one drive to write. Why don’t this companies get their act together and give us one drive with exceptional read and write performance

This is my personal opinion, Whats Yours
Dominator2 :a

sorry to see you go… i have had good luck with all 3 of my nec’s 2 2500s and an external 3500. they burn every media i throw at them with excellent quality and high speed. my experience with benq may not have been representative but i was unable to burn the -r media i tried and the benq was slower at burning most of the + media i tried in it. i currently have a liteon 1633s that i use for scanning and ripping also but i wouldn’t waste a disc for its “quality” of burning. you might want to try a few different types of media. mine like TY, CMC, RICOHJPNR00, R01, R02.