NEC DVD Burning -- Help Needed

Hi - I put this message in the Newbies forum, and someone suggested I should try here. So here goes :slight_smile:

I don’t know if anyone on here can help with this. I have a Dell computer with a NEC DVD+RW ND-3100AD 107E DVD burner. About six months or so ago, I burnt a lot of DVDs on it (using Nero) with no problems.
The DVDs I used were Philips 1-8x DVD+R.
Since then I burnt some CDs with no problems, but no other DVDs. Then earlier this week I tried to burn some more DVDs. I’m using the exact same brand of DVDs, but now it won’t work. I keep getting a message saying that it’s an “illegal disk”.
So what’s going on? Have I deleted a driver or something by mistake? Any suggestions would be greatfully received.
I’ve read another topic elsewhere on this forum about a way of getting this drive to use DVD-R disks, but I don’t really want to do that as my standalone DVD player doesn’t seem to like them. I basically just want to be able to burn DVDs in the same way I could six months ago.
Any ideas?

This can be a difficult problem to diagnose. Somethings you can try -
(1) Make sure that Nero is your only burning program.
(2) Try different media.
(3) Remove Nero, use their clean tool, and reinstall with the latest version.
(4) Update your drive’s firmware.

You’ll only be able to use DVD-R and -Rw after crossflashing the drive…

What is the brand, rated speed and MID/mediacode of the media that makes trouble?

@Dr Skull – I’ve tried different media (a DVD+RW disk) and it let me record to that without any problems. I just don’t understand why it won’t let me record to the the exact same brand of disks that I used before without any problems.
Also, what do you mean by updating the drive’s “firmware”?

@chef – I’'m afraid I don’t know what you mean by “crossflashing the drive” but I don’t really want to do that because I’m happy using DVD+R disks (if the drive would let me)
The disks that are giving me problems are Philips DVD+R 1-8x. I don’t know how to check for the MID/mediacode?

Thanks for any further help :slight_smile:

@ JJ_Newbie,

Most retailers like Philips that market DVD Media don’t actually manufacture DVD Media but purchase from various different DVD Media manufacture and put the media in packages and then put their name on the packages. A package of Philips 1-8x DVD+R you purchased 6 months ago might be manufactured by a different DVD Media manufacture than the package of Philips 1-8x DVD+R you purchased today.

The MID (manufacture ID and Media Code) of the Philips 1-8x DVD+R media might have been recognized by your NEC DVD+RW ND-3100AD with firmware version 107E. It is quite possible that the newer Philips 1-8x DVD+R media you recently purchased has a different newer MID (manufacture ID and Media Code) that is not recognized by your DVD Burner firmware version 107E.

DVD burner firmware is the primary means that a DVD Burner recognizes the media that is inserted into the device. If the DVD firmware is not up to date it is difficult for the DVD Burner to recognized what the media is that was inserted into the device. Suggest visiting Forum Member ScorpioSoft’s NEC Firmware Web Site and navigate to the NEC ND-3100 page and download a copy of a newer firmware for your NEC DVD+RW ND-3100AD (firmware version 2.F9). The newer firmware version 2.F9 should recognize the MID (manufacture ID and Media Code) of your newer DVD media.

To acquire detailed information on how to update your DVD Burner firmware read the “Read First” postings in the beginning of the CD Freaks NEC DVD Burner Forum (

To acquire the MID (manufacture ID and Media Code) suggest downloading a free copy of Nero CD-DVD Speed ( Install the DVD you want to check the MID in your computer DVD device. In Nero CD-DVD Speed click on “DiscInfo” on the top menu bar. The MID will be displayed.

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Mad Dogs 2.F9 seems to be a good choice.
Follow bjkg’s link and you’ll also find the crossflashing firmware.